Mapping Nike's Global Manufacturing Contracts

Last year, Nike made 365 million pairs of athletic shoes. All of them in factories outside of the US. According to a 2014 SEC filing, the only Nike Inc. products made in the USA are "Air-Sole cushion components and small amounts of plastic products". 

On paper, the company doesn't even own a single manufacturing factory. Its manufacturing process is completely outsourced to contractors. Through their factories, contractors supply most of Nike's manufacturing needs. From from raw materials to finished goods. This strategy allowed Nike to deny its direct responsibility for "sweatshops" in foreign countries. 

Nike has disclosed contracts with 692 factories across the world, as of May 2015. The company's report lists the factories' location, size and demographics of its employees. Yet it omits any contextual information that might raise doubts about the ethics of this practice. 

This resource aims to bridge this gap, through data-driven analysis and visualizations. Read on to explore all the numbers behind Nike's factories. From geographical distribution, to use of women and migrant employees, to the worker's rights and gender wage gap situation of the hosting countries. This site incorporates Nike's own corporate report with data from the International Trade Union Confederation, the World Economic Forum, and others listed in each country's page. 

Number of Workers Manufacturing Nike's Footwear, per Country
Page Title
Line Workers
Female Workers
Migrant Workers (%)
Average Worker's Age
Nike Brand
Product Type
Operating Region
Total Workers
Aderb Beneficiamento De Palmilhas E Bordados1000%38ConverseFootwearEmerging MarketsRua Itaí,67 Vila Nova - Novo Hamburgo - 93525280 - Brazil11Brazil
Adora Footwear Limited6,7926,8780%43ConverseFootwearEmerging MarketsTam Diep Industrial Zone - Tam Diep - Ninh Binh Province. - Vietnam7,317Vietnam
Aniger Calçados Suprimentos E Empreendimentos Ltda801700%35NikeFootwearEmerging MarketsRua Armindo Eltz, 51 - Quatro Colônias - Campo Bom - Rs - 93700-000 - Brazil327Brazil
Annora Vietnam Footwear8,7849,3680%30NikeConverseFootwearEmerging MarketsXuan Lam Commune (Nghi Son Economic Zone) - Tinh Gia - Than Hoa - Vietnam10,073Vietnam
Atelier De Costura Giola28280%40ConverseFootwearEmerging MarketsStreet Sobradinho, Nº 271 - Presidente Lucena - Rs - 93945000 - Brazil28Brazil
Atelier Maria Bernadete Kaspary36340%35NikeFootwearEmerging MarketsRua Estrada São Roque, S/Nº - Feliz - Rs - 95.770-000 - Brazil38Brazil
Aurora Industrial(Vietnam) Footwear6,6896,7631%31ConverseFootwearEmerging MarketsThien Huong Commune, Thuy Nguyen District - Haiphong - Vietnam7,685Vietnam
Benefit Shoes Co., Ltd.4283662%29ConverseFootwearEmerging Markets50, Soi Theintalay16 ,Bangkhunthein-Chaytalayrd., Samaedam Bangkhunthein - Bangkok - Thailand469Thailand
Boeck & Boeck38350%40ConverseFootwearEmerging MarketsRod.Getúlio Vargas, 1760. Centro - Picada Café - Rs - 95175000 - Brazil39Brazil
Calçados Hammes Ltda.43450%40NikeFootwearEmerging MarketsRua Getúlio Vargas, 1766 - Venancio Aires - Rio Grande Do Sul - 95800-000 - Brazil48Brazil
Calçados Roizi Ltda.1331310%39NikeFootwearEmerging MarketsCorredor Paticular, Nº40 - Bairro Das Indústrias - Estrela - Rio Grande Do Sul - 95880-000 - Brazil138Brazil
Can Sports Vietnam Co., Ltd4,5843,7510%28NikeFootwearEmerging MarketsThuan Hoa Hamlet, Truong Mit Commune - Duong Minh Chau - Tay Ninh Province - 73000 - Vietnam5,598Vietnam
Can Sports Vietnam Co., Ltd - Trang Bang Branch (T5644730%30NikeFootwearEmerging MarketsGia Lam Commune, Gia Loc Village - Trang Bang - Tay Ninh - Vietnam648Vietnam
Chang Shin Indonesia11,14011,4360%25NikeFootwearEmerging MarketsJl Dusun Gintungkolot Rt 16/04, Gintungkerta , Klari - Karawang - West Java - 41371 - Indonesia12,996Indonesia
Chang Shin Vietnam Co., Ltd (1)2,1552,3200%34NikeFootwearEmerging MarketsLot C, Loc An – Binh Son Industrial Zone - Long Thanh - Dong Nai - 0 - Vietnam2,417Vietnam
Chang Shin Vietnam Co., Ltd (2)19,38117,0700%33NikeFootwearEmerging MarketsThanh Phu, Vinh Cuu - Dong Nai - Dong Nai - 61 - Vietnam21,608Vietnam
Changshin Inc.1832140%42NikeFootwearEmerging Markets#558, Shinpyeong-Dong, Saha-Gu - Busan - Korea - 604-030 - South Korea691South Korea
Cignachi - Indústria E Comércio Ltda27270%42ConverseFootwearEmerging MarketsRua Luiz Busetti, 216 - Farroupilha - Rs - 95180000 - Brazil28Brazil
Co Ri No S.A De C.V2861480%39NikeFootwearEmerging MarketsAvenida Del Zapatero 308 - Leon - Guanajuato - 37290 - Mexico360Mexico
Collitex S.R.L. (Not A Finished Goods Supplier)3001992%42NikeFootwearWestern EuropeStrada Provinciale Bonifica, 41 - Ancarano - Abruzzi - 64010 - Italy398Italy
Cooperativa De Calçados Quixeramobim3,0421,6080%27NikeFootwearEmerging MarketsRua Geraldo Bizarria De Carvalho, 35 - Quixeramobim - Ceará - 63800-000 - Brazil3,092Brazil
Coopershoes - Cooperativa De Trabalho E Industria De Calçados Joanetense Ltda (Garibaldi)1831530%40ConverseFootwearEmerging MarketsRua Vicente Faraon, 626, Bairro Champagne - Garibaldi - Rio Grande Do Sul - 95720000 - Brazil189Brazil
Coopershoes - Cooperativa De Trabalho E Industria De Calçados Joanetense Ltda (Las Flores)163852%33ConverseFootwearEmerging MarketsCalle El Molino - Las Flores - Argentina - 7200 - Argentina181Argentina
Coopershoes - Cooperativa De Trabalho E Industria De Calçados Joanetense Ltda (Morada Nova)1,2568820%28ConverseFootwearEmerging MarketsAv Do Contorno, S/Nº - Ce265 - Morada Nova - Ceara - 62940000 - Brazil1,316Brazil
Coopershoes - Cooperativa De Trabalho E Industria De Calçados Joanetense Ltda (Picada Café)9446720%41NikeConverseFootwearEmerging MarketsRua Vicente Prieto, 3581, Bairro Joaneta - Picada Café - Rs - 95.175-000 - Brazil1,034Brazil
Coopershoes - Cooperativa De Trabalho E Industria De Calçados Joanetense Ltda (Veronopolis)3503380%34ConverseFootwearEmerging MarketsEst. Rst 470, Km 109, Nº 3181 - Veranópolis - Rio Grande Do Sul - 95330-000 - Brazil417Brazil
Dass Eldorado Srl1,1344263%39NikeConverseFootwearEmerging MarketsAlberto Bejar Barrios, 407 - Eldorado - Misiones - 30-71008366-1 - Argentina1,254Argentina
Dass Nordeste Calçados E Artigos Esportivos Ltda. (2)24210%40NikeFootwearEmerging MarketsRua Julio Hauser, 1640 - Bairro 7 De Setembro - Ivoti - Rs - 93900-000 - Brazil38Brazil
Dass Nordeste Calçados E Artigos Esportivos Ltda. (3)1,3561,0540%38NikeFootwearEmerging MarketsRua Professora Maria Lia Celia Vellame, S/N - Santo Estevão - Bahia - 44190-000 - Brazil2,108Brazil
Dass Nordeste Calçados E Artigos Esportivos Ltda. (4)1,0715570%41NikeFootwearEmerging MarketsAv. Juracy Magalhães, 5100 - Vitoria Da Conquista - Bahia - 45023-490 - Brazil1,238Brazil
Dass Sul Calçados E Artigos Esportivos Ltda - Venancio Aires1591790%39NikeFootwearEmerging MarketsRua Ottmmar Benno Schultz, 3700 - Venancio Aires - Rio Grande Do Sul - 95800-000 - Brazil232Brazil
Dean Shoes Vietnam9,5489,5670%29NikeFootwearEmerging MarketsLot.1-4, 10-13, 26-37, Road No3 - Ho Chi Minh - Binh Chieu Ward, Thu Duc District - Vietnam10,399Vietnam
Diamant Srl1701360%40NikeFootwearWestern EuropeViale Del Lavoro 8 - Sorga - Verona - 37060 - Italy213Italy
Diamant Srl #234240%42NikeFootwearWestern EuropeVia Giorgio Perlasca, 6/B - Montebelluna - Veneto - 31044 - Italy38Italy
Dona Orient Vietnam8,9336,4340%30NikeFootwearEmerging MarketsSong May Industrial Zone, Trang Bom District, Dong Nai Province - Dong Nai - Dong Nai - 61 - Vietnam9,324Vietnam
Dona Pacific Vietnam Co., Ltd.6,9865,4250%38NikeFootwearEmerging MarketsSong May Industrial Zone; Bac Son Villiage; Trang Bom District; - Dong Nai - Dong Nai Province - 61 - Vietnam8,097Vietnam
Dona Standard Footwear Co., Ltd9,8948,1530%30NikeFootwearEmerging MarketsXuan Loc Industry Park, Xuan Loc District - Dong Nai - Dong Nai - 84 - Vietnam11,324Vietnam
Dona Victor Footwear Co., Ltd8,2776,6190%32NikeFootwearEmerging MarketsSong May Industrial Zone, Bac Son Village - Trang Bom - Dong Nai - 084-061 - Vietnam9,456Vietnam
Dong Guan Stella891130%29NikeFootwearGreater ChinaHou Da Road. Da Ling Management District - Dong Guan - Guangdong - 523835 - China231China
Dongjin Textile523821%44NikeFootwearEmerging Markets940-29,Yelim-Ri, - Gijang-Gun - Busan - 0 - South Korea63South Korea
Duck San Textile371916%39NikeFootwearEmerging Markets#19, Marudeul-Gil 35Beon-Gil, Opo-Eup, - Gwangju-Si - Gyeonggi-Do - 0 - South Korea84South Korea
East Wind Footwear Company Limited (India Branch)2,5802,3290%25ConverseFootwearEmerging MarketsPlot No.3D, Sipcot Industrial Park, Mathur Mangal Village - Chennai - Chennai - 631701 - India3,375India
Edson Luiz Thomas Me100830%38NikeFootwearEmerging MarketsRua Sete De Setembro, 68 - Santa Clara Do Sul - Rio Grande Do Sul - 95915-000 - Brazil102Brazil
Eun Sung Textile Co., Ltd970%40NikeFootwearEmerging Markets#39 Dongbuk-Ro 473Beon-Gil,Sangdong-Myeon,Gimhae-Si - Gyeongsangnam-Do - South Korea - South Korea20South Korea
Ever Tech8223310%25NikeFootwearEmerging MarketsPhuoc Hai Ward - Tan Uyen - Binh Duong Province - 0 - Vietnam872Vietnam
Feng Tay Enterprise Co., Ltd3748690%40NikeConverseFootwearGreater ChinaNo. 52 Kegong 8Th Rd., - Dou Liou - Yunlin County - 64064 - Taiwan1,738Taiwan
Flecksteel Industria De Artefatos Metalicos Ltda64480%31NikeFootwearEmerging MarketsAv Carlos Strassburger Filho, 5370-5 - Campo Bom - Rio Grande Do Sul - 93700-000 - Brazil70Brazil
Framas Korea1042415%36NikeFootwearEmerging Markets120-2, Unyong-Ri, Doonpo-Myun, - Asan - Choongnam - 336-875 - South Korea148South Korea
Framas Korea Vina Co., Ltd4081780%28NikeFootwearEmerging MarketsWorkshop#2~4, Longthanh I.P, Longthanh District - Long Thanh - Dong Nai - 815300 - Vietnam494Vietnam
Freetrend Vn Industrial Co.Ltd.17,72817,1060%29NikeFootwearEmerging MarketsSaigon Linh Trung Export Processing Zone, Thu Duc - Ho Chi Minh - 84-083 - Vietnam19,662Vietnam
Fujian Lifeng Footwear Co., Ltd.3,8953,4680%39NikeFootwearGreater ChinaNo.888# Qinxi North Street, Wutang Town - Putian - Fujian - 351119 - China4,687China
Fujian San Feng Footwear Co.,Ltd3,4303,1450%38NikeFootwearGreater ChinaNo. 399, Chengmen Street, Chengmen Town, Cangshan Districts - Fuzhou - Fujian - 350018 - China4,032China
Fujian Sunshine Footwear Co. Ltd.1,7761,1480%40NikeFootwearGreater ChinaShuangyang Town, Luojiang District - Quanzhou - Fujian - 362012 - China1,882China
Fujian Weilin Industrial Co., Ltd1,1979080%36ConverseFootwearGreater ChinaDongtian Village, Yangxia Town - Fuqing - Fujian - 350323 - China1,489China
Fujian Xiefeng Footwear Co.,Ltd.6,3885,5850%39NikeFootwearGreater ChinaXi Tian Wei Town,Licheng Distric - Putian - Fujian - 351131 - China7,349China
Gc Industria E Comercio Termotransferiveis Ltda.500%26ConverseFootwearEmerging MarketsAv. Aloisio Gonzaga De Lima, 1561, Bairro Dois De Agosto - Bairro Dois De Agosto - Ceara - 0 - Brazil6Brazil
Gcollor (Screen Printer)3890%35ConverseFootwearEmerging MarketsRua Victor Hugo Kunz, 2300 Bairro Sao Jorge - Novo Hamburgo - Rs - 93534-000 - CNPJ 06.144/0001-19 - Brazil39Brazil
Guangzhou Nansha Dongyong Xin Ge Shoe Factory2853140%35ConverseFootwearGreater ChinaNo. 11 Liye Road, Guantan Village, Dongyong Town, Nansha District, Guangzhou, Guangdong - Guangzhou - Guangdong - 511453 - China424China
Hayafuji410%31NikeFootwearJapan (Region)96-9, Haradaniinui-Cho, Ookitayama - Kyoto-Shi - Kyoto-Fu - 603-8487 - Japan5Japan
Hui Zhou Stella Footwear Co.Ltd.3612420%37NikeFootwearGreater ChinaXinhu Industrial District, Ma-An Town - Dong Guan - Guangdong - 0 - China403China
Irmaos Fonseca Benef. Calcados Ltda.25200%34ConverseFootwearEmerging MarketsRio Grande do Sul - Rio Grande do Sul - Cep - 93950-000 - Brazil27Brazil
Jiangxi Guangjia Shoes Co., Ltd3033487%39NikeFootwearGreater ChinaYongqiang Bei Road - Nanchang - Jiangxi - 330100 - China378China
Jiangxi Guangyou Shoetown Footwear Co., Ltd.3,1612,93811%38NikeFootwearGreater ChinaXiangtang Village, Xiangtang Town - Nanchang - Jiangxi - 330201 - China3,672China
Jining Yongjin Shoes Co., Ltd.1,5571,6030%36NikeFootwearGreater China100 Meters Southwest From The Crossroad Of Xi Waihuan Road And Guangchang Road - Ji Ning City - Shandong - 272500 - China1,636China
Jsi487760%47NikeFootwearEmerging Markets1746-1, Songjung-Dong, - Busan - Busan - 0 - South Korea758South Korea
L.F.T Industria De Calçados Ltda72670%38ConverseFootwearEmerging MarketsRua Senador Alberto Pasqualini 129 Sala A - Vanini - Rs - 99290000 - Brazil75Brazil
Lakhani Footwear Pvt. Ltd.397240%32ConverseFootwearEmerging MarketsPlot No. 130, Sector 24 - Faridabad - Haryana - 121005 - India478India
Lisi Calçados E Costura Ltda88700%37NikeFootwearEmerging MarketsRua Sete De Setembro, 141, Bairro Centro - Santa Clara Do Sul - Rs - 95915-000 - Brazil94Brazil
Long Chuan Simona Footwear Co. Ltd5,2704,3030%38NikeFootwearGreater ChinaXin Cheng Long Chuan - Heyuan - Guangdong - 517300 - China6,060China
Long Fa Shoes Industrial (Huizhou) Co., Ltd.8,3964,8450%34NikeFootwearGreater ChinaLongting Indus. Park, Longxi Town, Boluo County - Huizhou - Guangdong - 516121 - China9,689China
Long John Tsung Right Industrial Co.,Lt13210053%33NikeFootwearGreater ChinaNo.350 Fuhsing Rd. - Changhua City - T'Ai-Wan - 0 - Taiwan250Taiwan
Long Yue Shoes Industrial (Hui Zhou)Co.,Ltd.1,4871,1600%34NikeFootwearGreater ChinaLongting Indus.Park, Longqiao Avenue,Longxi Town, Boluo County - Huizhou - Guangdong - 516000 - China1,757China
Longchuan Somona Footwear Co.,Ltd Wuhua Branch7174690%38NikeFootwearGreater ChinaShuizhai Industry Garden - Meizhou - Guangdong - 514400 - China781China
Lotus Footwear Enterprises Limited Unit-21,8251,4650%26NikeFootwearEmerging MarketsPlot 3C, Sipcot Industrial Park, Mathur Mangal Villiage, Cheyyar Taluk - Kanchipuram - Tamil Nadu - 631701 - India2,526India
Lotus Footwear Enterprises Ltd (Feng Tay)5,9174,0560%26NikeFootwearEmerging MarketsSez, Plot 3B, Sipcot Industrial Park - Tiruvannamalai - Tamil Nadu - 631701 - India7,115India
Mas Fabrics (Pvt.) Ltd - Matrix1,1567820%29NikeFootwearEmerging MarketsKurunegala Rd - Thulhiriya - Sri Lanka - 0 - Sri Lanka1,449Sri Lanka
Mv Shoes Srl171452%38NikeFootwearEmerging MarketsMuñiz 1950 - Buenos Aires - Buenos Aires - 1240 - Argentina188Argentina
Nepal Calçados Ltda69680%35NikeFootwearEmerging MarketsRua Cândido Giongo, 535 - Roca Sales - Rs - 95735-000 - Brazil75Brazil
P Santos Atelier De Calçados Ltda.27260%31ConverseFootwearEmerging MarketsRua Pedras Brancas, 162 - Linha Nova - Rs - 95768000 - Brazil29Brazil
Pegasus Footwear Co. Ltd.2,7342,54394%39NikeHurleyFootwearGreater China21, Lanjiu Road, Jiubi Village - Guangzhou - Guangdong - 511473 - China3,633China
Pingxiang City Guangxuan Footwear Co. Ltd.1,7951,7899%40NikeFootwearGreater ChinaZhuting Industrial Zone, Xuanfeng Town, Luxi County Pingxiang City, - Pingxiang - Jiangxi - 337000 - China1,945China
Pou Chen Corporation5409600%37NikeConverseFootwearGreater ChinaNo. 2, Fu Kung Rd. Fu Hsin Hsian - Changhua City - Taiwan - 506 - Taiwan1,573Taiwan
Pou Chen Vietnam Enterprise Ltd.21,47520,1030%33NikeFootwearEmerging MarketsNguyen Ai Quoc Road, Hoa An Village - Bien Hoa - Dong Nai - 7000 - Vietnam23,651Vietnam
Pouyuen Vietnam Company Ltd.1,2131,1260%27ConverseFootwearEmerging MarketsD10/89Q National Highway 1A, Tan Tao Ward, Binh Tan Dist. - Tan Tao - Binh Tan - 84 - Vietnam1,265Vietnam
Pt Adis Dimension Footwear7,3704,4650%28NikeFootwearEmerging MarketsJl. Raya Serang Km. 24 - Tangerang - Banten - 15610 - Indonesia8,118Indonesia
Pt Asia Dwimitra Industri4,7252,5080%30NikeFootwearEmerging MarketsJl. Raya Legok Km. 6.2 Cijantra - Tangerang - Banten - 15335 - Indonesia4,917Indonesia
Pt Chang Shin Reksajaya - Not Finished Goods1,5221,4420%26NikeFootwearEmerging MarketsJl. Raya Leles No 134. Kampung Karang Mekar, Rt002 / Rw008 - Leles - Jawa Barat - 44152 - Indonesia1,658Indonesia
Pt Dean Shoes Ltd.7,5136,8351%28NikeFootwearEmerging MarketsDusan Serang Rt, 10 Rw 05 - Karawang - Jawa Barat (West Java) - Indonesia8,652Indonesia
Pt Glostar Indonesia7,7466,8561%25ConverseFootwearEmerging MarketsJl.Pelabuhan Ii Km 14.5 Jawa Barat - Sukabumi - West Java - 43161 - Indonesia8,162Indonesia
Pt Kmk Global Sports / K111,2559,5050%31NikeFootwearEmerging MarketsCikupa Mas Industrial Estate & Warehouse - Tangerang - Banten - 15710 - Indonesia12,506Indonesia
Pt Metro Pearl Indonesia2,4902,3780%24ConverseFootwearEmerging MarketsJalan Pramuka Raya Km.0.99, No.18 Desa Bunder,Kecamatan, Jatiluhur - Purwakarta - Jawa Barat - 41161 - Indonesia3,303Indonesia
Pt Nikomas Gemilang16,55116,7030%30NikeFootwearEmerging MarketsJl. Raya Serang Km. 71 Desa Tambak - Serang - Banten - 42186 - Indonesia19,651Indonesia
Pt Pratama Abadi Industri (1)8,2907,8630%37NikeFootwearEmerging MarketsJl. Raya Serpong Km. 7 - Tangerang - Banten - 15325 - Indonesia9,589Indonesia
Pt Pratama Abadi Industri (2)12,0688,0600%20NikeFootwearEmerging MarketsJl. Raya Sukabumi Cianjur Km 14 - Sukabumi - West Java - 43191 - Indonesia15,208Indonesia
Pt Sung Shin Indonesia2491660%34NikeFootwearEmerging MarketsJl.Raya Narogong Km.6 - Bekasi - Jawa Barat - 17116 - Indonesia260Indonesia
Pt Victory Chingluh Indonesia12,65410,4940%23NikeFootwearEmerging MarketsJl. Otonom Pasar Kemis No.48/49 Rt.003/Rw.004, Pasar Kemis - Tangerang - Banten - 15560 - Indonesia13,629Indonesia
Pt. Adis Dinamika Sentosa4783140%28NikeFootwearEmerging MarketsJalan Raya Sumedang Cirebon - Majalengka - West Java - 45453 - Indonesia523Indonesia
Pt. Feng Tay Indonesia Enterprises8,5386,3580%32NikeFootwearEmerging MarketsJl. Raya Banjaran Km. 14.6 - Bandung - West Java - 40377 - Indonesia10,092Indonesia
Pt. Seo Heung Indonesia (Not A Finished Goods Factory)1,3271,1570%25NikeFootwearEmerging MarketsJl. Ir. H. Juanda No.008, Rt. 001 Rw. 005 Desa Jomin Barat - Karawang - Jawa Barat - 41374 - Indonesia1,653Indonesia
Pt. Tk Industrial Indonesia7,2938,7550%37NikeFootwearEmerging MarketsBelendung Ii Rt/Rw 17/16 No. 046 - Belendung - West Java - 41285 - Indonesia9,414Indonesia
Pt. Yc Tec Indonesia (Not A Finished Goods Factory)8797621%25NikeFootwearEmerging MarketsKp. Cisantri Rt.002 Rw.001 - Cibatu Kabupaten Purwakarta - Jawa Barat - None - Indonesia990Indonesia
Qingdao Changshin Jimo Factory5822970%40NikeFootwearGreater China#49, Yanqing Road - Jimo City - Shandong - 266200 - China619China
Qingdao Changshin Shoes Co., Ltd.4,4674,7151%39NikeFootwearGreater ChinaNo.6 Quanzhou Road - Qingdao - Shandong - 266300 - China5,239China
Qingdao Taehwa Shoes Co., Ltd1,0449610%40NikeFootwearGreater ChinaShuiyuan Road - Laixi City - Shandong - 250011 - China1,118China
Qingdao Taejin Shoes Co., Ltd8128490%40NikeFootwearGreater ChinaLancun Town - Jimo City - Shandong - 250011 - China875China
Qingdao Taekwang Shoes Co., Ltd5,8165,1210%38NikeFootwearGreater ChinaLiquangzhuang Town Industrial Zone, Laixi City - Qingdao - Shandong - 266604 - China6,401China
Rs/Tupã Ind. De Plastico Ltda94500%42NikeFootwearEmerging MarketsAvenida Primeiro De Março, 5151 - Novo Hamburgo - Rio Grande Do Sul - 93320-010 - Brazil118Brazil
Rubberloss Indústria De Goma S.R.L.46615%31NikeConverseFootwearEmerging MarketsRuta Nacional Nº5, Km 160 - Parque Industrial De Chivilcoy - Chivilcoy - Buenos Aires - 6620 - Argentina55Argentina
Rz Costuras Ltda44370%32ConverseFootwearEmerging MarketsStreet Padre Guilherme Postal - Rio Grande do Sul - Cep - 95365000 - Brazil47Brazil
Sao Khue8828530%37NikeFootwearEmerging MarketsNguyen Tri Phuong Street - Bien Hoa - Dong Nai Province - 0 - Vietnam948Vietnam
Shanggao Yisen Industry Co. Ltd.9,0689,7703%40NikeFootwearGreater ChinaYouzidong,Jingjiang Town, Shanggao County, Yichun City, Jiangxi Province,Prc - Yichun - Jiangxi - 336400 - China11,230China
Shanggao Yusheng Industries Co.,Ltd Yichun Branch2,2712,5802%38NikeFootwearGreater ChinaEconomic Developing Zone - Yichun - Jiangxi - 336000 - China2,688China
Shaoyang Liantai (Sq) Hanshou Upper Facility1,1287230%38NikeFootwearGreater ChinaHanshou Industrial Park, Taizimiao Town, Hanshou County - Chande City - Hunan - 415907 - China1,205China
Shaoyang Stella Footwear Company Limited5,1184,5560%37NikeFootwearGreater ChinaJixian Road - Shaoyang - Hunan - 422000 - China5,695China
Shoetown (Jintan)1,5981,4695%37NikeFootwearGreater ChinaDa Wan Gang Village, Da Wan Gang Administration Zone - Qingyuan City - Guangdong - 511515 - China1,708China
Shoetown Footwear Co.,Ltd10,14011,10741%33NikeFootwearGreater ChinaBapian Village, Xuanzhen Road, Taihe Town, Qingxin County - Qingyuan City - Guangdong - 511800 - China13,884China
Shoetown Hunan3,4233,1860%37NikeFootwearGreater ChinaQiyang Development Zone - Yongzhou - Hunan - China3,838China
Sportek1,0787730%43NikeFootwearEmerging MarketsMilosa Oblica - Kotor Varos - Banja Luka - 78220 - Bosnia1,120Bosnia and Herzegovina
Ssipl Retail Ltd2,0316080%40NikeConverseFootwearEmerging Markets75, Sersa Road, Kundli Industrial Area - Sonepat - Haryana - 131 028 - India2,432India
Ssipl Retail Ltd, Unit-Iii321710%32NikeFootwearEmerging MarketsVillage Bhagani, District Sirmour - Bhagani - Himachal Pradesh - 173025 - India374India
Suk Young Textile780%44NikeFootwearEmerging Markets#141-13 Gamjeon-Dong Sasang-Gu - Busan - Busan - 617-800 - South Korea18South Korea
Suola Sa399812%39NikeFootwearEmerging MarketsAv Francisco Rabanal 3220 - Buenos Aires - Buenos Aires - 1437 - Argentina479Argentina
Tae Kwang Vina15,90014,2130%31NikeFootwearEmerging MarketsNo.8,,Road 9A, Bien Hoa 2 Industrial Zone - Bien Hoa - Dong Nai - 70000 - Vietnam17,991Vietnam
Tae Kwang Vina (Satellite)2,5122,4400%27NikeFootwearEmerging Markets864 Street, D Group - My Tho - Tien Giang - 70000 - Vietnam2,652Vietnam
Tae Kwang Vina Joint Stock Company'S Branch5,2104,4560%27NikeFootwearEmerging MarketsAgtex Ind. Zone - Bien Hoa - Dong Nai - 70000 - Vietnam5,570Vietnam
Taekwang Industry Co., Ltd.1972151%41NikeFootwearEmerging Markets258-9, An-Dong - Gimhae - Gyungnam - 621-200 - South Korea613South Korea
Tecnosport Latinoamericana S.A.2081431%33NikeFootwearEmerging MarketsAvenida Flandes Nº 1272 Parque Industrial Villa Flandria - Lujan - Buenos Aires - 0 - Argentina238Argentina
Thomas E Goergen Atelier De Calçados Ltda Me60610%38NikeFootwearEmerging MarketsRua 9 De Fevereiro Nº1.444 - Centro - Santa Clara Do Sul - Rio Grande Do Sul - 95835-000 - Brazil61Brazil
Tiong Liong Industrial Co., Ltd.8525%42NikeFootwearGreater China88, Zhong-Chan 5Th Road.Ta-Ya Hsiang, - Taichung - Taiwan18Taiwan
Topshoes Industria De Calcados2142110%36ConverseFootwearEmerging MarketsRua Inacio Schneide, 345 Centro - Sao Vendelino - R/S - 95795000 - Brazil227Brazil
Vietnam Chingluh Shoes Co. Ltd.18,92919,38821%30NikeFootwearEmerging MarketsThuan Dao Industrial Park - Ben Luc County - Long An Province - 7000 - Vietnam23,644Vietnam
Vietnam Moc Bai Joint Stock Company11,54311,5550%30NikeFootwearEmerging MarketsHiep Thanh Commercial Area, Loi Thuan Commune, Ben Cau District, Tay Ninh Province - Tay Ninh - Tay Ninh - 84 - Vietnam14,091Vietnam
Vietnam Pou Sung Co. Ltd.15,36413,8500%31NikeConverseFootwearEmerging MarketsBau Xeo Industrial Park - Trang Bom - Dong Nai - 700 - Vietnam16,687Vietnam
Vinh Long Footwear Co., Ltd.12,00612,2490%30ConverseFootwearEmerging MarketsHoa Phu Industrial Zone, Vinh Long Province, Vietnam - Long Ho - Vinh Long - 91000 - Vietnam14,582Vietnam
W.S. Calçados Ltda.76690%35NikeConverseFootwearEmerging MarketsRua Vicente Prieto, 8121 - Nova Petrópolis - Rs - 95150000 - Brazil82Brazil
Xinchang Shoes Co.,Ltd3,9663,5900%39NikeFootwearGreater ChinaHuafeng Industry Garden - Xinning - Guangdong - 510000 - China4,127China
Yangzhou Baoyi (Zhongshan ) Shoes Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.621020%38ConverseFootwearGreater China2Nd Industrial Estate Baishi Sanxiang, Zhongshan City,Guangdong Province. - Zhong Shan - Guangdong - 528463 - China138China
Yangzhou Baoyi Shoes Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.2,6352,3130%35ConverseFootwearGreater ChinaNo,168 Yuyuan Road,Yuyuan Industrial Park,Yangzhou Economic And Technical Development Zone,Jiangsu P - Yang Zhou - Jiangsu - 225009 - China3,084China
Yih Shuo Footwear Co., Ltd.1,9292,2870%25ConverseFootwearEmerging MarketsThap Muoi District, Dong Thap Province, Vietnam - My An Town - Dong Thap Province - Vietnam2,690Vietnam
You Young1270%43NikeFootwearEmerging MarketsSinsan Ro 130, - Busan - Busan - 0 - South Korea66South Korea
Yuan Ling996746%37NikeFootwearGreater China202 Changlu Road - Changhua City - T'Ai-Wan - 0 - Taiwan167Taiwan
Yue Yuen Manufacturing Factory10,3889,0710%38NikeFootwearGreater ChinaYanjian Road, Gaobu Town - Dong Guan - Guangdong - 523286 - China13,340China
Zao Zhuang Ruixing Shoes Co., Ltd1,9001,9870%36NikeFootwearGreater ChinaN0.3 Fuxing Road - Zaozhuang - Shandong - 250011 - China2,070China
Zhao Qing Hsieh Da Company Limited2,1551,8470%34ConverseFootwearGreater China59 Industrial Zone, Lianhua Town, Dinghu District - Zhaoqing - Guangdong - 526072 - China2,639China
Zhijie Footwear Technical Service(Zhongshan)Co.,Ltd..3045000%38ConverseFootwearGreater ChinaJingye Rd., Huoju Development Zone - Zhong Shan - Guangdong - 528437 - China694China
Zhong Shan Pou Yuen Manufacture Company1901340%32ConverseFootwearGreater ChinaPou Yuen Industrial City, First Industrial, District Sanxiang Town - Zhong Shan - Guangdong - 528463 - China268China

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98% of Nike's Line Workers Are Located in Emerging Markets or Greater China.

Total Line Workers per Operating Region

As of May 2015, 53% of Nikes's manufacturers are in emerging markets. Another 28% is in the Greater China area. Nike's footwear products last year generated $16.2 billion in revenue - a huge chunk of the company's total. And 97% of the factories producing this multi-billion dollar flow are located in these two operating regions.

This, of course, is a strategy that optimizes profits. These countries increasingly attract multinational companies, and offer competitive environments to cheaply manufacture products. Here, low minimum wages are often coupled with the low levels of workers' safeguards, scarce safety requirements and legal controls. 

In 2000, the Institute for Global Labour and Human Rights reported that, in China, US companies including Nike hire contractors that "continue to systematically violate the most fundamental human and worker rights, while paying below subsistence wages".

In fact, in 2000, many U.S. companies outsourcing to China were paying workers about 25 cents an hour, or $65 a month. Life might be cheaper in China than in the US, yet this was value is still inadequate. For example, 19% of a $65 monthly wage would be needed only to buy infant milk.

In the last years, minimum wages in China have constantly increased, and many multinationals began to shift their manufacturing centers elsewhere. The new preferred locations are all countries with even lower worker's rights.

Number of Factories grouped by Operating Region

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About 3 every 4 Nike Factories Are in Countries with Very Low Workers' Rights.

Bangladesh has been one of the countries offering the cheapest labor in the world. A mix of low wages and lacking/poorly implemented security measures made this possible.

Careful to its public image, as the human costs of such conditions increasingly made it to Western media, Nike has cut down on the number of contracts with Bangladesh factories.

Yet, Nike still mainly centers its production in countries with low workers' rights protection.

Number of Factories grouped by Country's Workers' Global Rights Index

Classification of a country's workers' rights by the International Trade Union Confederation. Based on 2015 data.

Factories making products for Converse, a Nike Inc. brand from 2003, have on average more issues. Back in 2011, the company revealed that two-thirds of these factories failed to meet its code of conduct. Today, more than half of its factories are located in countries with no guarantee of workers' rights. This is 10 percentage points above the value for factories manufacturing Nike branded products.

Number of Nike, Inc. Factories grouped by Workers' Right in Country of Location - Converse Branded Products

Number of Nike, Inc. Factories grouped by Workers' Right in Country of Location - Nike Branded Products

Vietnam Hosts 35% of the 850K Line Workers Making Nike Products. Here's Why.

Nike started being criticized for its sweatshops in Asia during the 1970's. Back then, it produced goods mainly in China, South Korea and Taiwan. The company was increasingly shamed publicly for its practices. Thanks to this, factories targeted by anti-sweatshop campaigns gradually achieved better working conditions. 

At the same time, Nike also started to shift its production centers in other countries, with more "favourable" manufacturing conditions. According to the latest May 2015 data released by the company, most of its workers are currently located in Vietnam. The country hosts 341,204 workers employed in factories producing Nike goods. That's more than a third of the total. 

Total Workers in Nike Manufacturers per Country

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Nike's Vietnamese factories are 68, hosting all together 295K line workers. Roughly 0.3% of the country's population. On average, this means about 4,300 line workers per factory. Such a high concentration is found only in Bangladesh, Cambodia and Indonesia.  For a comparison, Nike's U.S. factories have an average of 97.7 line workers per plant.

Total Line Workers per  Country

Details on Top Ten Countries for Total Workers in Nike Manufacturers

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The U.S. Department of Labor lists garments from Vietnam among those produced by child labor and forced labor.

Yet, there are many reason why Vietnam attracts multinationals looking to cut down manufacturing costs. For example, the fact that the country never ratified the UN Conventions granting freedom of association to workers. In 2012, Nike was paying its workers 27 cents an hour. Indeed, this value raised to 48-69 cents in January 2015, but it is still "well below subsistence levels".

To respond to criticism about sweatshops, Nike first published a code of conduct, then started auditing its manufacturers. In FY 2013, 42% of the audits reported non-compliance in terms of working hours. In fact, even if the practice is illegal, factories often set "productivity targets" and workers have to stay in the factory for unpaid overtime hours until the targets are met. After working hours, the second most common issue was inadequate wages. This was found to be an labor abuse and a violation of Nike's own code of conduct in 39% of the audited Nike factories.

Despite being aware of the issue, the last and only time the company published data on how much it pays its workers was back in 2001. To give a rough idea of the amounts, these wages have been converted to 2014 dollars by the Portland Business Journal. And this is what the numbers looked like: $31 a month for a South African worker, $32 for one in Egypt and $36 for one in Bangladesh. 
The Ten Countries with Lowest Monthly Wages

Back in the '90s, Nike wasn't even paying workers the legal minimum salary. After much criticism, now a few things have changed. Nike code of conduct asks its contractors to respect legal obligations. Even if this is not always the case, Nike claims that it does pay the minimum wage required by local laws in all countries. But in many countries this doesn't correspond to the minimum living wage necessary to cover basic needs like housing and health insurance.

Unsurprisingly, the lower the monthly wage Nike can give in a country, the more workers and factories it has there.

2001 Monthly Wage in 2014 US Dollars and Total Workers per Country

2001 Monthly Wage in 2014 US Dollars and Total Nike Manufacturers per Country

Number of Total Workers In Vietnam's Plants Producing for Nike

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Details on the Ten Biggest Nike Factories in Vietnam

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"Young Women Only": Nike Factories Prefer Female Workers.

About 73% of the 1 million workers manufacturing Nike's products are women. Women are the typical employees in sweatshops. Both men and women face inhumane conditions, but additional gender-related violations have been reported on female sweatshop workers. These include sexual abuses, forced pregnancy tests, denied maternity leaves and force abortions.

Female Workers in Nike Manufacturers as Percentage of Total Workers by Country

Details on Top 10 Countries with Highest Ration of Female Workers in Nike Manufacturers as Percentage of Total Workers

Currently, 93% of Nike's manufacturing workers in Cambodia are women. Human Rights Watch's 2015 report "Work Faster or Get Out" investigates the inhumane working conditions across manufacturing plants in the country. According to HRW "Pregnancy-related discrimination and sexual harassment at the workplace were two key concerns for women workers in Cambodia". And women account for a huge chunk of Cambodia's manufacturing workforce.

Nike's biggest contractor in Cambodia is Sabrina Garment Manufacturing, which employs 93% women workers. In May-June 2013 thousands of the factory's workers went on a strike, after they were denied the $14 wage increase, in line with the new national legal minimum. The workers' protest was violently silenced by riot police. Even if workers were protesting against an illegal situation.

Details on Nike Manufacturers in Cambodia

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Honduras is a place where many US companies outsource their manufacturing processes. Nike, Inc. has 14.5K female workers here, and about half of them are distributed in 3 Gildan factories. Some of Gildan's Honduran plants have often been at the center of controversy. A 2004 Clean Clothes campaign found that Gildan's factories in the country violating several worker's rights abuse in terms of working hours, living wages, unlawful firing of employees and inadequate security measures. Women were force to take pregnancy tests and were fired if pregnant.

Female Workers in Honduran Nike Manufacturing Plants

In Indonesia, 77% of the workers in the factories contracted by Nike are women. Back in 2011, an Associated Press report confirmed by Nike revealed that "supervisors regularly physically assaulted and verbally abused" workers in Nike's Converse manufacturers in Indonesia. More than half of the women manufacturing Converse-branded products are working in just two plants: Pt Glostar and Pt. Dream Sentosa. These two plants together host about 10% of the global female workforce making Converse products. 

Female Workers in Indonesian Converse Manufacturing Plants

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In 2012 Fair Labor reported on the conditions of the Glostar Factory. Among the many abuses, it found that its 8K workers, 84% of which women, are subjected to:

  • Instances of harassment or abuse during the last three months, including physical violence by supervisors and at least one incident of sexual harassment.
  • Gender discrimination in hiring and potential discrimination against pregnant women through the use of medical tests. 
  • Lack of secure communication channels for workers to be able to report allegations of noncompliance directly to the brand (Nike/Converse).
  • Use of broker/illegal agency to secure employment at Glostar.
Details on Biggest Converse Manufacturers in Indonesia.

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Nike is ofter presented as one of the leading brands for its efforts to fight sweatshops. True, in response to strong public criticism, the company has done great efforts to improve working conditions and monitor its contractors. But despite its yearly corporate reports, the company still isn't transparent about its business practices. This places serious obstacles over public scrutiny and accountability. Here are some examples: 

  • Nike advertises its openness in terms of disclosing details on its contractors. But a footnote in the company's report clears that  the list contains only "product manufacturing sites directly contracted by NIKE, Inc., licensees, or agents delivering finished goods ready for retail and/or public consumption and bear the NIKE, Inc. brand logos and marks. Excluded, for example, are material suppliers".
  • Nike's own "manufacturing map", which the company presents as an example of its openness and transparency, depicts Nike manufacturers like this:

                                                     Source: Nike's Corporate Responsibility Report

This choice (intentionally?) flattens any difference between USA, Vietnam and China as suppliers of the company's manufactured goods! For reference, consider that the whole US accounts for only 6K line workers. Vietnam, with a fourth of the population, hosts 295K. A more accurate representation would at least take into account the number of factories/workers/line workers/value or amount of goods produced. Here's how that map looks like if we look at the distribution of Nike's 1 million workers.

Total Workers in Nike Factories per Country

And this is the story if we filter for line workers: the US hosts 0.7% of them all. While Vietnam, China and Indonesia alone account for more than 75% of all the line workers covering Nike's manufacturing needs.

Total Line Workers in Nike Factories, per Country

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